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ROSYSHE Fashion DIY 24 Pcs Medium False Nails

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Material: Nail glue

Package Include: 
- False Nail 
- Nail glue or Jelly glue

What difference between Nail Glue & Jelly Glue?
- Glue has good viscosity, hurts the nails, and is not easy to disassemble. The false nail is only suitable for wearing once.
- Jelly glue cannot be soaked in water for a long time.

How to use?
- Using the wooden stick move your dead skin away.
- Clean your nails face.
- Choose a suitable size of nail glue or jelly glue for your nails and stick it on your nails.
- Choose a correct size of the false nail and stick it on your nails.
- Press them about 25 seconds to ensure they are tight enough to keep it.
- Tips: Keeping away from water from 1-2 hours, they will last longer time.

Do they come with glue?
Yes, they come with glue. You can choose nail glue or jelly glue.

How long do they last?
It depends on how you used your nails and which glue to choose. Normally they can last about 5-7 days.

--If you want the nail stay long-term, you'd better choose the nail glue.
--If you want bring less damage to your nails, the jelly glue would be better, you could peel off and press on the false nail any time.

Tips for Remove:

1. Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes and nail sticker can be removed easier.

2. Do not remove it abruptly which may leave some mark of the nail stickers on your nail surface. In that case, you can also clean the remain nail stickers with water.